Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Around here a road like this is called a "two-track." As opposed to a "two lane." Not much trouble if one meets oncoming vehicles, since there's no borrow pit -- one can simply swerve. When such a road is wet, it is mud, possibly bottomless enough to be impassable. Then one needs the nearest ox team. The electricity has arrived -- at least the poles.

According to the album notes, the farm Sam Strachan bought was in Favell, which was four miles north and one mile west of Minitonas, Manitoba. The farm was being rented by the Atkinson family. Jennie and Ella Atkinson posed at the corner of the house. Note the ruffle along the hem of the taller girl. Maybe she's the daughter.

None of us has figured out what's along the side of the house -- a gutter system? Or the beginning of porch construction? Or the end of the siding scaffold? It appears the upstairs rooms have screens. I'd bet there were two bedrooms, one at each end, with a hall between where the window is in the side. I can't quite tell whether the curtains match. But maybe there were more rooms up there. The Strachans included three boys and one girl.

Looks like tomatoes growing in the foreground. Potted flowers in the downstairs window -- geraniums? Lace curtain. A buggy almost outside the photo on the right.

The earth is bermed up behind this barn so there's access to the second level by walking in. There's a nice horse for that buggy. Gates were a matter of lowering or lifting the poles across the gap, not swinging.

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