Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Spring on the northern prairie is intense but slow. It seems as though it will never come. Then there are a few small signs. Suddenly it's there.

Running water doesn't freeze until it gets very cold indeed, which is why they advise people with less-insulated pipes to leave water running a little bit. But the Favelle farm DID get plenty cold. This is marked April, 1920. It appears the thaw has just begun. No way to tell what left a track down the middle of the streambed.

Now the ice is gone and the water is free. The back says "High water in Roaring River."

This one says on the back "Seed buds on poplar trees. SSS Farm." Under the photo in the album it says "poplar catkins." At the base of the trees stands May Strachan, the shy girl of the family. I don't know who climbed up to get some catkins. It took me a while to realize there was someone up there!

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