Saturday, February 27, 2010


Eventually the seasons swing way up north. When that happened in Minitonas, a young man's fancy turned to. . . bicycles! A stage of locomotion between horses and automobiles, it is a mode that occasionally returns. On a place where every swelling of the land is considered a hill, even old-fashioned bicycles are practical.

This album page is headed "Sundry Sunday Snapshots."

The photo says "June 1920. Looking south Minitonas Hill." The album says "Bicycle to the top of Minitonas Hill."

Sometimes on the prairie it seems as though there are two seasons: snow and dust. This drydock says on the photo "Spring on Minitonas Hill." The album adds the information that it is the west slope of Minitonas Hill. It looks more like a bank to me.

This was actually an earlier photo, marked "May,1920. Chipmunk on log barn." The album says "Venturesome Chipmunk."

In case you couldn't spot the little animal, here's a fuzzy closeup.

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