Sunday, February 14, 2010


"Favellebank" was the name of Chris Henderson's farm near Minitonas. I don't know why he called it that. The photos are from August, 1919.

These were the kinds of row crops that Sam Strachan was used to growing: potatoes, corn and rhubarb. This land is fertile, partly because it's newly cleared maybe, and flat, which makes it easy to work with machinery. Crops must be annuals, like corn or potatoes; easy to ship, ditto; or very tough like rhubarb, welcome because it is an early "pie fruit," so good in spring. This land is far north and for plants capable of growing fast, there are long long days.

Sam (b. 1875) was 44. There was no social security or retirement pension plan. Either he made enough money for his old age, would be dependent on his children, or would have to keep working. He needed to make money.

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  1. There is a Favel River in the area; that is probably why he chose that name for the farm.