Saturday, February 20, 2010


As things worked out, the Favelle farm wasn't ready to move into until spring, so the Strachans rented the J.F. Smith farm which had a nearly identical farmhouse, though this one had a window in the front door and stained glass inserts at the top of the windows. Also, there's a sort of built-on part at the back, maybe a kitchen. January, 1920. Minitonas, Manitoba.

"Fish caught in Swan River By Strachan Bros. Nov., 1919. I'm not quite sure how one ice-fishes with a spear -- maybe it's an art of shallow water, but they seem pretty big and fat. I think that's my father, Bruce the oldest, on the left and Glenn, the middle boy, on the right.

The back of this photo, printed on post card stock, says, "Strachan boys in a tree that a bear climbed on the J.F. Smith Farm." The date is Jan, 1920. The Strachan boys, who grew up in flat Faulkton, South Dakota, where it probably got just as cold, never saw anything they didn't want to climb. If a bear cold do it, so could they.

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