Friday, May 7, 2010


This is the summer of 1927 which must be just before the invention of the flashbulb -- one had to set off some powder in a little open box.

Reactions appear to be very mixed. Glenn, farthest to the left and all dressed up for some reason, looks joyful. Sam, "Papa," is also grinning. Bruce, the usual perpetrator, is a little over-the-top in more ways than one. May, also dressed up, is happy. But Beulah looks dubious and Seth, bottom middle, looks overcome!

By now the Strachans and the Hendersons are a little more composed. It is Bruce who is front and center and still looking a little over-excited. May has passed out! Sam and Beulah are resigned. The Hendersons are amazed. Glenn is behind Bruce. That leaves Seth to be the photographer.

The little pump organ made the trip to Portland, Oregon, and I played it as a child when I had to stand up to make the foot pumps work. I have no idea what family portrait was hanging on the wall or where it went. May might have painted the little landscape. Late in life she painted quite a lot.

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