Sunday, May 2, 2010


It's getting late in September which means snow, but the senior Strachans are planning an over-winter scouting trip to Oregon.

The cozy little house with its bay window and two chimneys might be harder to leave if one didn't remember the previous winter. My father used to say that all day long one trudged out to the coal shed to get more coal, and then took the ashes and klinkers back out the path to keep from falling on ice. The back of this photo says, in handwriting I don't recognize, "Swan River, Man. Sept 24, 1926. Snow two days old and six or seven inches deep." The white foreground is the garden.

The cows are no doubt hoping the hay is stacked high somewhere. The same handwriting, possibly my grandfather writing to my father at college, says, "Swan River, Man. Sept. 24, 1926. snowing 22, 23, 24 Sept. 8 in. deep on level." My father's caption says, "And the stock look for the sun."

This looks like Seth to me -- always the daredevil -- showing he's up to the task of keeping the farm going while the folks are gone. My father's caption claims this is a "tough guy" in his snowsuit.

And this is the escape capsule, an early RV unit ready to set on the truck frame. I happen to know that they only got about a mile down the road before they mired in mud and had to come back for a tractor. Probably the mud came from this snow melting.

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