Monday, May 10, 2010


September, 1927, and things are beginning to change, but first more picnics!

Caption: "Starting line up at Hendersons."
The original photos are tiny, but enlarging them on the computer, I believe Bruce is at the left, then Beulah, then Sam. Skipping the man in the straw boater, the next is Glenn and then May. Seth may be the second from the right.

Caption: "Portrait of McLaughlin Buick car and people." Even enlarged, I don't know these people. I get the impression that my father didn't either, so it must have been the vehicle that was important.

Caption: "Turn off to Valley River. We change cars." What intrigues my eye is that church in the background. Is it half-built or being demolished? Does the pastor live in the house to the right?

This may have been a separate expedition. It's at Madge Lake and is meant to be a demonstration of "table manners." In short, a "pignik." Sam and Beulah Strachan together at the left. May dripping the last drop (must be Folgers) from a cup into some gentleman's mouth at the right. I think the most egregious demonstrators are the two closest in the center: Glenn and Seth. I wonder how many of these young ladies were smitten?

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