Sunday, May 16, 2010


One last swing past "Sleepy Hollow," the first home in Manitoba, and the Strachans are on their way to a newer future than they would have suspected. The Kovar company went flat in Canada because of new import tariffs and the invention of chemical weed killers. The family went on to Oregon and POW! The Great Depression!! Just scraped through that and BLAM !!! WWII.

Caption: "Last look at our first Manitoba home." Looks like that "add-on" is finally underway.

Caption: How the raspberries have grown since we left Sleepy Hollow! My grandfather was a genius grower of raspberries! We cousins scavanged the bushes behind the little house in Portland where the senior Strachans ended up. Sam died in 1951 (76 years old) and Beulah in 1953 (82 years old). The last of the next generation to die was May, who died in 2006 (99 years old).

So up, up and away! This is Seth, destined to be a WWII bomber pilot and transport pilot -- then a pilot for TWA for many years.

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