Friday, May 14, 2010


Now "the Sims place" has become a "ranch," a status upgrade! But the Strachans have decided on a new economic strategy and they intend to live in Brandon in the best house they've owned so far. In fact it is where Martha Ostenso, famous author, once lived. Their work now will be the assembling and marketing of Kovar Quackgrass pullers.

The Sims house is almost as big as the Ostenso house but it's hard to beat a good screened porch! The Sims mom, pup and boys must be comfortable there. I think the only Strachan in the photo is Beulah in the middle, so May must have taken the photo. The caption says, "'Billy' Sims home." He must be one of the boys.

It's October, 1927, and there's bite in the air but warm enough to linger a moment, holding hands, on the front steps. Sheila is on the left, then Mrs. Sims & Beulah.

May and Sheila Prosser mime a little farm work by perching on the Fordall.

The caption says, "Now they inspect the grain separator." If that's a straw stack behind them, the work has been done recently and the machine not moved.

But people DO move and here are Beulah and May ready for their new life in Brandon.

Walk on by.

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