Sunday, March 28, 2010


What better way for a bunch of teens way up north to celebrate Christmas than an adventure into the Duck Mountains to romp in the snow?

How snowy was it? Well, actually this is Manitoba hoarfrost on the trees.

But there's plenty enough snow for a sleigh. I do believe Inez has two icicles hanging from her nose. At least the dark horse in the front. But there are four horses here and the rear team is also dark. This is another Strachan/Henderson expedition, so they might be Henderson horses.

My droll father captions this, "A pause in the shade for lunch." May with the long muffler. Glenn or possibly my father clowning by pretending to eat something funny.

This caption says "George Henderson and father scout the trail."

These folks look as though they're about at their tolerance level now.

All their lives these people thought cross-dressing was the funniest thing in the world, maybe because gender roles in those days were so definitely defined. There is no one to ask about that owl. And I can't figure out whether this is the "Mountain House," or something they skidded in. It looks like Strachan architecture.

Headed home and glad of it. This says, "In road south from Mountain House."

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