Sunday, March 14, 2010


The agenda for December, 1921, included a moose hunt, presumably enough meat to get the family through the winter.

I can only find evidence that Bruce, the oldest, and Sam, the Papa, were on this trip. I don't know whether they slept in their big box sled or in what seems to be a tent to the left. I'm glad the horses are all cozy in their blankets and evidently had something good to eat. If someone can identify these guns, I'd be grateful.

This says, "Father stands on the frozen headwaters of the Roaring River." Looks like a good place to trap beaver, which I suppose is likely to be a place to shoot a moose.

Sure enough, this is Bruce, my father, with the kill, though it's not clear whether he's the one who shot it. His caption is "We get the moose." It has no horns, so it may be female. Moose don't shed their horns in December, do they?

The caption for this one is "On the homeward trail." On the back it says, "Raod thru Jack Pine grove on Duck Mountain. But these are not what I call jack pine, which I associate with twisty branches. This looks like what I call lodgepole pine because they are thin, tall and straight for tipi poles.

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