Saturday, March 13, 2010


Looks like there is definitely a second room adding on here and this must be the south side. May and Beulah must have come out from inside, for they can't stand the dazzle. Glenn can get by with scowling. Beulah is now showing signs of the goiter that she eventually suffered from severely. It comes from not getting enough iodine in one's diet, a common problem in those days, esp. if one were far from the sea where the fish contain iodine. Now salt is iodized to prevent goiter.

Hockey night in Canada is a gleeful call to action and the players streak across the yard, not even needing a fancy rink. They created this one themselves, entirely without a Zamboni.

Of course, it helps to have a goal, even with no net. Now we can see the players are: (l. to r.) Seth, Bruce, May and Glenn.

Christmas means new hockey sticks and books. Not many tall evergreens around Minitonas, but this is about the right size for a small room where everyone spends the evening together. The boys are Seth on the left and Glenn on the right.

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