Saturday, March 13, 2010


It's October and just about the time you think a long boring winter is coming, something happens! A train wreck is not just a metaphor. But it's a lot better when no one gets hurt -- just some loads spilled. Maybe you've read the novel, "Praying for Sheetrock," in which a community thrives on accidentally dumped loads but really needs a lot of sheetrock. Browning, Montana, an hour north of here, has some notorious wind traps and rail curves and well acquainted with the phenomenon. Even in Glacier Park, where a trainload of wheat capsized years ago, the bears remember and revisit the site. They were particularly impressed after the grain got wet and began to ferment.

The back of this photo says, "Train wreck showing 3 of 5 cars derailed at Minitonas. Car at left upside down and rail thru it."

Both of these photos say the same thing: "Wrecking crane putting derailed car on track at Minitonas."

They do it just the same way today, except that this crane appears to be a steam engine while today it might be diesel. Big cranes always seem like dinosaurs, but I suppose a steam engine crane is extinct as well.

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