Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I presume this means that things are going well and "Sleepy Hollow" is an upgrade. Certainly, the family loves this porch and occupies it quite a bit, judging from the photos. The album notes that it is in the Roaring River District, not far from Swan River, Manitoba. This is spring, 1923.

July, 1923, and "Lorne Henderson pays a visit at our new home." Is that a Model T or a Model A, or indeed a Ford at all? No one has mowed this grass, but maybe something will graze it down. Beulah's goiter is beginning to develop. The square-jawed Sam has put on his coat jacket for the occasion. I don't know about that dog and can't assign names to the other young me, but plainly May is QUITE pleased!

There's something in our subconscious that thinks every girl is a dryad and might even become a tree! I see photos over and over of women with trees growing out of their heads because the photographer got them to stand in front of the trunk! Because there are two girls, they are spared this indignity, but they certainly put that tree into proportion. NOT a mighty oak! Well, neither are they, and all three are charming. I see May has a bob, but Dolly Allen does not.

Falling back on a familiar amusement, Seth (on the right) and Melvin Allen exchange clothes. May finds this amusing. I'm sure by now Seth is eager to be wearing long pants. He has a "grown-up" attitude (or maybe just belligerent). Love the hat. Well, both of them. But I "adora" a good "fedora."

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