Tuesday, March 16, 2010

COMES 1922

The round of chores when you live on the land gets into synch with the round of the seasons until things fairly hurtle along.

A good farmer is always looking for ways to use up the surplus and maximize the profit. Feeding yearling steers the cull potatoes to fatten them up for slaughter is a good move and the cows, not being able to see into the future, like the idea as well. These look like beef cows, but I can't tell what breed. Seeing how much they like potatoes, maybe they're Irish.

Looks like big plans for building this year. A big stack of Strachan's lumber at Martin's Mill, right next to the road so it will be easy to load up. But I'd wait for things to dry out a little more before driving in to collect something heavy. Anyway, it's not a good idea to build with green lumber. No hurry.

The customary April ice jam on the Roaring River. It will be a while before anyone dares to wade.

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