Saturday, April 24, 2010


This is the summer of 1926.

My father's caption is "It seems to be a serious matter." The man to the far left might be Glenn, but I think Glenn is holding the camera even as Bruce keeps the case. Seth is standing in the background. May is the blonde shooting a glance across at her brothers.

The caption is just "boathouse" but there is no boat! OMG! Bruce must be taking this photo. Glenn on the far left and May next to him. Seth, still in a mood, is at the far right.

Caption: John Henderson & Glenn take a dip." Those endearing swim sets are not made by Speedo, I think.

1926 is midway between the big World Wars, but my father's caption is "Thinking about war?" I supposed that's because they've built a sand fort. But these are young women -- they would never want to destroy a fort. That's a man's idea. May Strachan is the blonde.

Now the ducks are in a row. Bruce is the farthest out, May is next, Seth is the far right. Glenn must be holding the camera. And look! Two of these fellows are actually wearing proper boaters!

Glenn appears to be having trouble with his galley slaves or are they about to do some sculling? Some seem to be in a mutinous mood.

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