Friday, April 16, 2010


The Hendersons and the Strachans ventured out onto the water this time.

It's a little unclear which is the point of embarkation, as opposed to debarkation, but this is labeled "At Kamsack Landing." This seems a rather modest boat for so many people. I see that May Strachan and Florence Henderson are dressed alike in gym suits. I believe that's Grandma Strachan far to the right with maybe Seth to the left of her. "Papa" with hands on hips with another Strachan boy just behind him. Some of these people must be the boat owners and operators.

Then the boat trip on the lake.

And the "Swan River Landing." Now we see a crowd of people, so the boat must be taking them out in batches and then bringing them back.

It was summer, so shade for the picnic was essential. May's bright hair to the left, Seth's or Glenn's soft cap to the right. Otherwise, I can identify individuals. But this scene was repeated over and over and over in my childhood, every holiday and every time out of town company came. The botany was different, but the food was pretty much the same and the people overlapped.

This is labeled "boat repairer." It does appear to need a little moss removal and a few layers of good paint! But these guys are not afraid of work. They could sit right next to it and never get upset.

Madge Lake beach is a regular Coney Island! Boats, a water slide, and look at that wonderful big model sailboat! A long shallow beach so the swimmers can choose their depth. This is August, so the water temperature must have been bearable, even refreshing.

Here's a closer look at the slide, but what's that in background? For lifeguards? Two at a time? Sail of a boat just leaving the left border.

Fog settling in now. Must be almost time to pack up and head for home to nurse sunburns.


  1. Those are really remarkable pictures of Madge Lake. The big boat at the top is the "Weroph", a play on words of "we are off". Owned by George Sankie from Benito, he is kneeling down. It looks like they are at Benito Beach. There was no road from one side of the lake to the other, so people were taken from Benito Beach to Kamsack Beach. I live at Kamsack Beach :-) Nonni

  2. Thanks, Nonni. Great that you knew this and were willing to tell us!

    Mary Scriver