Thursday, April 15, 2010


Don't think that because the oldest in the family, Bruce, went off to university and now dresses nicely for picnics that he's not expected to carry his weight!

Here's Bruce in his bib overalls cutting seed potatoes, one "eye" to a piece -- that's what you plant in the spring, because every eye becomes a sprout and every sprout grows into a potato plant. That's how rhizomes work.

The album caption is "Experimental plots in hardy nursery stock." Looks to me like rhubarb in front of May. My family always did love rhubarb and it grows in this yard, too, though I try to root it out and the temps dive to forty below. Pie plant in spring just can't be beat!

Here's what the youngest, Seth, has been up to. This is probably a barn owl that either fell out of the nest or that Seth climbed up to catch. (He LOVED climbing everything.) I don't think it's a great gray owl. Since it can't fly yet, it's tethered to a post in the yard. Seth always loved birds -- he was a fly boy!

This faceless pup is not an owl but just about as downy! My father's caption is "Waggles is a fuzzy puppy." No lie.

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