Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Young people attract young people, especially when it begins to be time to pair off.

Having a pretty sister is especially helpful in attracting guys. These compatriots are (left to right) Otis Ennis, May and Seth Strachan, and Katherine and Harvey Turner. No way to tell whether the last two are married or siblings. They look rather alike.

This is the spike elk herd -- too old to stay with the cows and too old to be welcome with bulls. Left to right, Melvin Allan, Glenn and Seth Strachan and Otis Ennis. In this photo it appears that what looked like a pipe might be a pole, possibly for stringing an electrical line. The foundation of the house is revealed to be cement block.

I have no idea where they managed to find a tennis court or maybe they just strung up a net where the wintertime hockey rink had been. These gents are, left to right, Bruce Strachan, Otis Ennis, Glenn Strachan, Tom and Cecil Spicer (Cecil with pup), and Seth Strachan.

The game in progress. The pup is bored and leaving. Farm wagon at left. Trees grazed off as high as a cow can reach. This is summer, 1925.

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