Monday, April 5, 2010


These photos are from late summer, 1924, in Valley River, Manitoba, which I gather is close to the rather substantial town of Dauphin.

"Boughen's Nursery", which evidently specialized in hardy plants, has a formal entrance that leaves no doubt about where one has arrived.

This may have been where Sam Strachan picked up the idea of grafting hardy fruit trees which he continued to do much later in Portland, Oregon, where fence posts have been known to sprout and grow! Still, these lower trees are much easier to harvest and having two or three kinds of fruit on one plant is a practical conceit.

It looks to me as though George Henderson is on the left, but I don't recognize the man on the right. Perhaps it is Boughen himself.

Here's my father with his trusty camera case. These raspberries are being grown in the protection of windbreak trees.

My father may be too far away to identify for sure, but I think this is right. He calls this a "strawberry patch," but it sure looks like "strawberry fields" to me!

The caption here says "World War Monument" which is the white marble plinth in front of the church. It's hard to see what is at the top. I notice guns at the bottom.

This lake probably helps moderate temperatures for the nursery. In fact, these many-laked places, even though they are farther north, may be more moderate than the South Dakota prairie the Strachans left behind.

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