Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Change is underway. This is the summer of 1926.

One thing never seems to change. That's the fascination with cross-dressing! It appears she's breaking in someone's nice new three-piece suit for him -- but whose? My father's caption is "The clothes don't make a man."

My father was always hopeless at sports. His caption here: "Swan River baseball catcher." I think this is Seth but he doesn't appear to be a catcher -- more of a batter!

I can remember my Grandpa Strachan using this early version of a rototiller (muscle for motor) even in his old age. I can't tell which son is pushing this but there is only one daughter: May.

And then the inevitable picnic. From the left: May, Glenn with gaping mouth, Seth, Sam Strachan (Papa) in the middle back and Beulah in front on the right. Her hair is shingled in order to treat erysipelas, a very unpleasant contagious skin disease that some people think is related to stress. Did stress motivate change or did change cause stress? The other family is the Boyds and judging from Mrs. Boyd's hat, they are the ones who traveled. This doesn't appear to be wilderness unless the buildings in the woods are summer houses.

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