Sunday, April 18, 2010


Three photos on this page, taken in the summer and fall of 1925.

The archetypal homestead of the Renouf family in Minitonas.

"May and Gladys start for school," says the caption. Is it meaningful that May carries notebooks and Gladys carries what I think is a lunch pail along with her handbag? And what's that on May's head? It appears to be a beret that sort of got carried away. Gladys has a proper hat. Can it be that this "start" is to travel to Winnipeg to college? They look quite the young ladies. The photo was taken, naturally, by "The Shadow."

This time it is Seth Strachan who is all grown up and appears to have a girl friend whose name is Edyth. No last name recorded. Things are moving fast now!

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