Sunday, April 11, 2010


It's Spring, 1925, and there was no television on the prairies in those days, so they did their YouTube stunts for each other and the camera.

The guys here are Glenn and Seth Strachan and Otis Ennis up at the top. I don't know what that tall mast bolted to the eaves might be. "Gasper" for the plumbing? More formally known as a "waste stack"? Seems too high for that. I notice there's a bit of wire across the end of the space under the porch, enough to keep out a dog but not a cat or a determined pig. I never heard about them keeping pigs anyway.

This is Seth (above) and Otis (lower). In those days when you needed a ladder, you didn't go to Home Depot. You just made one. These guys seem to have entirely lost consciousness that they're wearing their Sunday best. And I notice the maintenance standards for the front of the house are quite different from those around back!

Nice sense of symmetry. My father's caption is "Strong Man Stuff." He was a freshman in Winnipeg during this year. Dunno who took the photo.

This is labeled "Fight over the little brown jug." Since my grandmother was a devoted WCTU member, I doubt there's anything in the jug is worth fighting over. However, an ax and a pitchfork are formidable weapons and I'm not sure the lid off the laundry boiler makes an adequate shield!

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