Thursday, April 29, 2010


Dauphin is a good-sized town next to a lake. It's in the same "riding" as Swan River, and on the Vermilion River. The dam pictured here appears to be an earthen one, a kind of berm or levee. It's on the way to Winnipeg, so it may have been a stop-off on the return trip to college.

"The nearby lake was given the name "Dauphin" by the explorer Pierre Gaultier de Varennes, sieur de La VĂ©rendrye in 1741 in honour of the heir to the French throne. [This explorer is thought to be the first European to sight the Rockies, which he called "the Shining Mountains.] Settlers began arriving in the area in 1883 and two early settlements, Gartmore and "Old Dauphin" were established."

"Incorporated as a village in 1898 and as a town in 1901, Dauphin became an important centre for the transportation of grain. Farming still plays a central role in the economy of the area, but its role has been greatly reduced." Fishing is popular. Riding Mountain park is nearby.

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