Thursday, April 29, 2010


First formal exhibit of the SS Strachan and Sons Kovar Quack Grass Killers!

Sole Canadian Distributors! And it appears that if one is not harrowing out the quack grass at the moment, the springy teeth make convenient seats on top! Ethelbert, population 474 today (which is slightly larger than Valier), is near the Duck Mountain area so dear to Strachans. This is August, 1926.

I notice a restraining wire or string marking an edge, though the crowd seems unobservant. Maybe there will be a race at some point. I doubt that such a safety measure would be needed for a parade. Note the elevator at the left, the only tall building in town.

The caption, "Ox team near Ethelbert" doesn't explain whether this team was at the Fair or was simply doing its ordinary job. Surely the black and white cattle make a stylish team!

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