Thursday, April 1, 2010


The oldest boys strike out for the territories and this time they try a lake instead of a mountain. But when I googled Madge Lake, it was shown as IN Duck Mountains Provincial Park.

Bruce Strachan and George Henderson take a trip to Madge Lake, SW of Swan River. The back of the photo says proudly, "George Henderson and I made the 120-mile trip on bicycles."

The caption says simply "Harley's Catboat" but doesn't explain who Harley might be. This is summer of 1923.

The album caption says "Winter's Wood," so these logs are destined to be a wood pile rather than lumber.

This house is a classic. With three chimneys it must have devoured fuel in the winter. I don't know what the structure in the front is -- that box with a platform on top. Looks like they have electricity. The photo was taken in spring of 1923.

Christmas 1923 at the Renouf's with the requisite silly hats/crowns. Glenn is in the back at the corner of the house. Bruce is in the middle of the three boys in front and Seth is the next to the right of him. Sam Strachan is standing in the doorway and Beulah is to his left with her arm around Mrs. Renouf -- at least that's who I think it is. May is in the middle of the three girls against the house.

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